Turn Google+ off

Several weeks ago I came back to Google+, because some interesting articles. But today I decide to quit Google+ again. Last time I quit Google+ was Google shutdown Google Reader. This time is Google will put my name and partrait into advertisement. This is really evil. You would image when someone search for a hotel or something, your name and partrait appeared in the ad. How ridiculous it is!

I share interesting things or pay attention for something is my private stuff. May be someone also need such information, but I disagree let strangers or friends to know what I like or dislike. Especially in a advertisement.

Goto hell, Google+

Here is my honest suggestion.

Because Google+ will put my name and portrait into advertisement, although I would uncheck it, but I am still concern that Google could use my personal information for other commercial product. So, turn it off may be the best way to response such a terms change.

Hope the old Google come back, reconsider the strategy of using user's personal information and give up transfuse blood to Google+, which shutdown really helpful product and make Google far away users.